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Why Moonwalk Bounce House Is Better Than These Party Ideas

No parent wants to be known for throwing the ‘lame’ birthday party on the street. Some birthday parties are cooler than others, but there are some things that you’ll just want to avoid when it comes to throwing the best possible party for your young loved one. Fortunately, to ensure that your kid’s partygoers take the fun to the max, our moonwalk bounce house rental services at Magic Jumpers have your back!

Magic Jumpers Puts The Fun In Parties

Specializing in serving Fort Collins and the surrounding Northern Colorado areas, Magic Jumpers has a wealth of experience in ‘pumping’ up the party (literally!) for kids of nearly all ages. There’s just something exciting and thrilling about seeing a giant inflatable moonwalk bounce house when partygoers arrive at your house – when they first spot the main attraction provided by our moonwalk experts, the first thing that they’ll think is, “Sweet! This party is going to be a blast!”

Now, let’s take a quick look at a few not-so-cool kid’s party favors, and why going with a moon bounce from Magic Jumpers is the smarter way to go.

Avoid The Dreaded Birthday Clown

Not only is the clown a kid’s birthday party cliche, but clowns tend to make many party guests remarkably uncomfortable. In fact, there’s actually a specific name for the fear of clowns – coulrophobia. While balloon animals and pies-in-the-face are amusing to some people, others can be less than happy about it. One thing that you can do to ensure that your kid’s birthday party is a great, fun time for all party guests is to skip on hiring the local clown. Instead, put the jump in everyone’s step and pump it up with a moonwalk bounce castle!

Don’t Rely On The Piñata To Keep The Party Fun

We’re definitely not trying to speak ill of the classic party piñata as the experience of blindly whacking at a delicious, candy-filled animal is an essential experience to any kid’s birthday party. That being said, if your piñata is the absolute number one highlight of your kid’s birthday party, then it’s safe to say that everything else was, at best, lackluster in comparison.

With a moonwalk bouncy house or bouncy castle in your selection of fun birthday party supplies, a piñata will be a fun, tasteful side note to the main attraction at your child’s birthday party: one of our moonwalks, of course!

Skip On ‘Pin The Tail On The Donkey’

In addition to clowns-for-hire, the classic ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ party game is one of the oldest birthday party cliches in the book. Everyone watching the partygoer attempt to pin the tail only finds amusement in the partygoer failing to pin the tail where it needs to go, so what happens when they actually get the tail pinned correctly? The point is, this party game has its expiration date and the fun doesn’t seem to last very long with everyone involved.

With a nice and exciting moonwalk bouncy house, however, what you’ll discover during your kid’s birthday party is that all of your guests will be effortlessly entertained for hours on end, with little to no effort required on the behalf of the parents! That’s right, mom and dad – the moonwalk castle pretty much takes care of all of the work, so you can attempt (but of course, inevitably fail due to party-related circumstances) to relax and enjoy your time with other parents during your kid’s birthday party.

For a Truly Fun Birthday Party, Magic Jumpers Is Your Solution!

What you want to do for your kid’s birthday party is ultimately up to you, but time and experience have shown us here at Magic Jumpers that a moon bounce rental will make sure that the kids have a good time. Get your very own moonwalk rental by contacting Magic Jumpers today!

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