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Tips For Throwing An Unforgettable Birthday Party On a Budget

As much as we all want the absolute best for our kids, spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a kids birthday party is simply unrealistic for most people. Of course, you’ll also want to make sure that your little one’s special day is unforgettable, a day filled with laughs, presents, fun games, and of course, cake! So…what’s a relatively inexpensive yet surefire way to throw a fun-packed, awesome birthday party for your kid(s) and their friends?

Your Go-To Fort Collins Bounce House Rental Service

Call us a little bit biased, but we think going with a bounce house rental in Fort Collins is the perfect way to throw a fantastic party on a strapped budget. From inflatable water slide rental on those hot summer days to novelty themed bouncy castles, Magic Jumpers has everything you need to get the kids bouncing. The best part? We’ll take care of everything for you! From setup to tear down, your only responsibility as adults is simply to supervise the kids and enjoy your time hanging out.

Below, we’re going to cover some brief tips to throw the best kids birthday party on a budget. Of course, if you’d like to learn more about our bounce house rental service or even schedule a time, we’d love to hear from you!

Plan Ahead and Buy Supplies Ahead of Time

Start your supply hunting early, as it will give you plenty of time to comparison shop and find the best deals on party items that you were already going to spend your money on anyway. Planning ahead also helps reduce or even outright eliminate the possibility of running out at the last minute to buy overpriced things that you’ve forgotten. Hint: Your local dollar store is a great place to pick up party decorations on a tight budget.

Double Up Birthdays

Consider a dual birthday party if your kid’s birthday falls close to a buddy’s birthday. Why not? Your kid was bound to be invited to their party, and vice versa. Not only does this make scheduling and attendance easier for everyone involved, but the parents can split the total costs of the party. Of course, just make sure that each kid gets their own cake and presents!

Send Digital Invitations

Though paper invitations don’t cost too much, they do cost something, and besides, it’s better for the environment not to use so much paper. While a personalized, handwritten invitation is really nice, why not take advantage of the power of the internet? Send a free electronic invitation instead.

Avoid Party-Store Markups

Unless you’re looking for a really specific party item, a big-box store is bound to have the same or similar items for a cheaper price. Even just a few dollars saved here and there can add up. Again, your local dollar store is your best friend.

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Providing hours of fun for the kids (and even adults), a jump castle rental is the way to go. Whether you’re in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont or elsewhere in the Northern Colorado area, Magic Jumpers is looking forward to pumping up your party. Contact us today about our bounce house rentals!

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