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Throwing the Perfect Party: Your Complete Guide to our Fort Collins Bounce House Services

It’s just past 9 o’clock at night, you’ve just made sure the kids are in bed and you’re finally ready for a well-deserved night’s rest…only to look over at your spouse and realize that your seven-year-old’s birthday is less than 48 hours away. As the wave of anxiety washes over you, preventing you from achieving any restful sleep over the next several minutes, you begin to panic, bouncing random party ideas around with your partner. A clown for the party? That’s too cliché. What about balloon animals? Everyone loves a good balloon animal at a party, but booking your local specialist at this short of notice just isn’t realistic.

As you continue to exhaust your options while your eyes are getting heavier, you and your spouse have a near-simultaneous realization – you’ll have a bounce house castle at your kid’s birthday party. It’s a surefire solution, and below, we’ll explain why in considerable detail!

Pumping Up The Party With Our Fort Collins Bounce House Rentals at Magic Jumpers

The reality of throwing a kid’s birthday party is that, as long as there’s plenty of friends, food, fun things to do, gifts, and, of course, cake, chances are that your kiddo will have the time of their life! To us here at Magic Jumpers, we provide bounce house rentals in Fort Collins because we truly believe that every kid deserves a fun-packed, magical and downright unforgettable birthday party. Of course, our jumper rentals also cater to a number of events including graduations, fundraisers, outdoor festivals, and many more occasions! If you can think of a reason to have a bounce house at your next event, Magic Jumpers is excited to work with you.

Learn more about our Fort Collins bounce house rentals today, or feel free to contact Magic Jumpers to discover how we can “bounce” your event to the next level! Below, we’re going to cover some great ways to throw the perfect kid’s birthday party as a busy parent.

Planning Ahead

Contrary to what we mentioned a few paragraphs above, to throw the best birthday possible for your little one, you’ll want to start out by making sure that you’re giving yourself enough time to plan. From a simple party with homemade games and crafts to a no-holds-barred all-out neighborhood block party, you’ll want to know how long it’ll take to get something done. If you have reservations to make, make them weeks ahead of time. If it’s a surprise party, make sure that you keep it as a surprise until the day of your kid’s birthday.

Considerations When Planning

How many friends does your kid want to invite to the party? Do they want to invite their entire class? Are there any dietary or allergy considerations for party guests? What’s the weather forecast look like for the day of the party? Are you beginning to lose your mind with all of these seemingly-simple pre-party questions? Clearly, unless you’re hosting a simple, impromptu birthday party for your kid, there’s a great number of things you’ll want to consider before you start making reservations, prepping food, or even go out to shop for presents. Never underestimate the power of your significant other or even other, older family members who can provide useful input. Your own parents, for example, could be a great resource for planning the party. While there’s no doubt that things were quite different when they were throwing a birthday party for you as a kid, there’s also no doubt that they have the parental experience and know-how to help their grandchild have a magical birthday celebration.


Did you know that, according to Parents Magazine, the average parent spends around $250 on their kid’s birthday party? Only 12 percent of parents spent under $100. This suggests that many parents are willing to splurge or go all-out on their child’s celebration, and when they see the joy on their kid’s face as they’re bouncing around on a jumper house or stuffing their face full of cake, it completely makes sense. Fortunately for you, dear frugal parent on a budget, our Fort Collins bounce house services feature some of the very best rental prices in all of Northern Colorado, ensuring that you’re getting the best value as far as bouncy castle rentals ago.

If you’re willing to blow a fair chunk of change on your kid’s party, it might be tempting to buy frivolous and unnecessary decorations or party features that may impress other parents. However, keep in mind that young children are “wowed” by the simplest of things, and they just won’t care or notice certain things. As long as your kid is entertained and having fun hanging out and bouncing around with the other kids, as far as we’re concerned, your job is done as a parent.

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Keep All Guests In Mind

Some children’s birthday parties are intended just for the kids, while other parties go above and beyond by catering to all party guests like the parents of other kids, grandparents, cousins, and so forth. Because Grandpa Joe probably doesn’t want to jump on the bouncy castle in the backyard and the kids aren’t particularly interested in the wine and cheese mixer in the kitchen (which should be the case, adult-only beverages should be carefully and responsibly maintained!), it’s wise to think about your potential variety of birthday party guests.

Consider setting up different “party stations” or simply segmented areas with different activities that cater to different crowds of people. And again, even if you’re not inviting a crazy number of people, we’re sure that the dads of the party might appreciate a barbecue grill to hang around while the ladies are making sure that the inside of the house isn’t being destroyed.

A Multi-Birthday Bash

If your kiddo just so happens to be good buddies with another classmate or friend that has a birthday within the same week or two as them, collaborating on a larger-scale event with their friend’s parents is not a bad idea. We actually touched on throwing a joint birthday party in a previous blog post, and for good reason – depending on the scale of the party and what each child wants out of the experience, a joint birthday party can save each set of parents time, money and hassle. Granted, this is only the case if you guys communicate and plan effectively. Two parties in one means more guests, more food, more entertainment, more space, more money, and so forth. Of course, because you’ll be splitting costs with the other birthday kid’s family, throwing a birthday bonanza will still save you money compared to doing everything on your own.

The Time of Year

As you can guess, Magic Jumpers doesn’t set up our jumper castles during the cold of winter – unless, of course, we have an unnatural streak of unseasonably warm weather! Though our Fort Collins bounce house rentals primarily operate on an as-needed basis, we do most of our business from late spring to early to mid-fall. When it comes to backyard inflatables, there’s always the choice between a wet or dry rental. For those scorching hot July and August days, our water slide rentals and wet bouncy castle rentals are a very popular choice. If it’s still early in the summer or late in the spring and it’s just not quite hot enough out for the kids to throw on their swim trunks, you’ll probably want to go for a dry bounce house rental. Again, navigating our services and finding out the best options just comes down to planning ahead of time. Be the responsible parent that your child deserves!

Childproofing Your Home (If Applicable)

By now, your eldest (or youngest) child is of the age to invite their classmates and enjoy an epic birthday party. Seeing as this is the case, as a seasoned parent, you know what to do in order to mitigate any damage to your home – you know, things like storing valuables away, putting choking hazards and dangerous household chemicals out of reach, and so forth. It makes sense that younger couples get puppies or adopt a dog to eventually prepare for the real responsibility of having a child because both of these experiences involve avoiding damage to your home and the things inside of it.

So, if you’ve decided to have your kid’s birthday party in your home and/or backyard (or, to the dismay of your floors and carpets, a dual-birthday party), take the necessary steps to ensure that nothing overly valuable gets broken or tampered with. You’re better safe than sorry, and you’re definitely better off being overly cautious (even a little paranoid) than overly trustworthy. Kids are inspirational little wonders in this world, but never underestimate their potential to be…shall we say, “exploratory.”

Be Involved

Magic Jumpers is not here to “backseat parent,” if you will, but one of the biggest pieces of advice that we can throw your way when it comes to birthday party planning is to simply be an active part of the experience. Granted, you don’t want to jump in and interrupt your kid when they’re bouncing around on our bounce house rental with fellow classmates or friends, but your presence does matter. Childhood birthday parties are important experiences that not only teach your kid the importance of birthdays and celebrations, but these are also formative memories that they’ll carry for a lifetime. Why not make their early birthday memories the best that they can be? You can’t control every single aspect of the party and avoid any unforeseeable accidents from occurring, but you can be there to simply tell them that you love them and you hope that they’re having a great time! Just don’t give your kid a big smooch on the cheek in front of the whole group for fear that they’ll be called “mommy’s big birthday kiss” for the next five weeks at school.

Accepting That Everything Probably Won’t Be Perfect

On the note of relinquishing total control of the experience and accepting that the unexpected can and does occur in life, don’t stress yourself out over every single detail of the party. As it turns out, “helicopter” parenting isn’t the best thing to be associated with. So, at the risk of coming across as confusing (we’re just trying to be thorough and help you throw the party of your child’s dreams!), when considering our above advice to be present and involved in your kid’s party, let them explore, play and socialize on their own. It’s all a part of growing up!

From the balloon artist showing up late to party guests prematurely destroying the piñata, it’s best to roll with the punches and show your child that you’re just here to have fun and celebrate their existence, not stress about every single detail. Magic Jumpers is fairly biased on this matter, but renting a Fort Collins bounce house is a great way to make sure that the kids are entertained when everything else is, for some reason or another, going haywire.

Incorporate Your Kid’s Taste Into Party Planning

Is your kid just obsessed with Pokémon? There’s a party theme for that. Do you have trouble pulling them away from watching Spongebob Squarepants on Nickelodeon? Get Spongebob-themed decorations. There’s a surprising number of theme-specific party decorations out there, so based on what you know your child likes, cater to those interests! Unfortunately, the themes for our bouncy castles here at Magic Jumpers don’t get as specific as kids cartoons, but most party decoration stores have you covered.

Planning Like a Pro With the Best Fort Collins Bounce House Services

Why are we going on about planning the ideal kid’s birthday party? For one, we care about you and your kid’s party, and two, we’re quite experienced when it comes to pumping up kids parties – literally! Childhood is a magical time of life characterized by wonder, excitement, exploration, and learning. A birthday party is a personal celebration for your growing child, and these are memories that both you and your kid should look back on with pride.

We hope that these party planning tips and guide to our bounce house rentals in Fort Collins help you prepare for the next kid’s birthday party in your life. Whether you’re in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont or elsewhere in Northern Colorado, Magic Jumpers is the go-to bounce house service in the area due to our professionalism, quality, and care. Contact us today to book a bouncy castle or water slide!

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