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Safety Tips To Maximize Your Bounce House Experience

When people think of a bounce house party, their first thought isn’t typically associated with getting hurt or accidentally injuring themselves. Now, while bounce houses are usually very safe experiences when the rules are followed, accidents do of course occasionally happen, and that’s why it’s important to stay up-to-date with bounce rental safety information from the friendly team here at Magic Jumpers. We want everyone to have fun and to have an enjoyable time, so stay tuned for some safety tips to make all of your inflatable bouncers experiences pleasant and worry-free.

Magic Jumpers Will Pump Up The Party!

For local and personalized inflatable bounce house rentals in the greater Northern Colorado region, you can trust our bounce house rental professionals at Magic Jumpers to bring the party to you! We’re licensed, insured, and knowledgable about making sure that your kids, friends or other family members have a great time at your bounce house party. To learn more about the different kinds of bounce house rentals that Magic Jumpers offers, visit this page. Now, let’s take a look at some important safety tips to keep in mind.

Safety Tip: Skip The Food, Drinks and Gum

Eliminating any possible choking hazards before your party goers even venture out into our bouncy castles is a great way to help keep things safe before they’re even jumping. Plus, by not bringing in messy drinks, gum and food items, this makes clean-up a lot easier afterward – after all, you’re bouncing, so whatever you might bring inside will get everywhere. Just enjoy the bounce!

Safety Tip: Don’t Wear Shoes, Jewelry And Other Outside Items Inside The Inflatable

This bouncy house safety tip makes sense right off the bat, because no one wants to ruin all of the fun and accidentally poke the inflatable with something on their person. So, if you have any sharp items on your clothing like jewelry or you’re simply in love with that new pair of shoes you’re sporting, they will be there for you when you’re done bouncing! As always, safety first.

Safety Tip: Don’t Bounce During Inflation Or Deflation

Naturally, it only makes sense that bounce houses were meant to be jumped and bounced on when they reach optimal inflation. As such, let the supervising adults at the party or the team at Magic Jumpers fully inflate the bouncy castle when the party is starting, and when it’s ending, let them fully deflate it. Both of these processes require all guests to not be on or in the bouncy inflatable. Again, this is with everyone’s safety in mind!

Safety Tip: Always Maintain Adult Supervision

While we’re sure that adults love bouncy castles just as much as younger kids do, the reality is that younger children use and enjoy bounce areas far more than adults do. But to make sure that no one gets hurt and things aren’t getting overly rambunctious in there, as least one adult should be standing by and watching everyone inside. That way, if an accident does occur, at least there will be a quick response from an adult.

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If you want your kid and their friends to have a blast at their next party but you have some particular safety questions or concerns, then feel free to reach out to Magic Jumpers by visiting this page. Our bounce house for rent service is happy to talk with you!

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