Bounce House Rental Units & Rates

At Magic Jumpers, our goal is to provide you with everything you need for a day no one will forget — one filled with fun, laughter, excitement, and bouncing. Actually, you'll be doing lots and lots of bouncing on our world class bounce houses.

Browse our variety of inflatables below, and book your bounce house, slides, or combo unit online today. Reservation blocks start at six hours, but you can extend that time for as long as you need the unit. The costs shown are for that six-hour period, and they include delivery, set up, and tear down of the inflatables (plus a 100-foot hose if you want a water slide).

If you have any questions about any of our bounce house rentals, feel free to contact us; we are more than happy to assist you with your online reservation, ensuring you and your guests have the best experience possible.

Click on any of the units below to learn more about it specifically or to reserve it online.

Traditional Bouncy Castles • 17’ Inflatable Water Slides • Combo Jump and Slide


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All Prices Include Delivery, Setup, and Pickup – Fully Insured

We'll set up your Bounce House in Northern Colorado. Only Takes 30 Minutes!

Why Magic Jumpers?

Our People

We are a group of friends who own this business because we like to have fun, and we like to share it with our Northern Colorado community. We aren’t some big corporation that has never been here. We all live in NoCo, so it is exciting for us to bring this joy to local events, whether it’s a backyard birthday bash, an end-of-the-year graduation event at school, or a huge community festival. It’s where we live, work, and play. When you hire Magic Jumpers to supply the bounce houses at your next event, you’re supporting a local Northern Colorado company and our families. Thank you for your business!

Our Process

Delivery, set up, and tear down are all included in the base rental price for each inflatable. Based in Northern Colorado, we will cater to your event in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Wellington, Johnstown, and more. Your town not listed? No problem. Give us a call to make different arrangements!

We are fast, safe, and efficient, setting up an inflatable in just 30 minutes! Plus, we are licensed and insured.

Prior to tear-down, our team inspects the unit for any damages so that we can keep the unit safe and ready to use for the next guest. This helps us expedite our set up because we know we are bringing a reliable inflatable to your event.

All our bounce houses and slides can be powered with a traditional outlet; however, you can rent an additional and optional generator if you won’t be close to power for a jumpin’ good time.

Once your event is finished, our team inspects the inflatables and then tears them down for you. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Our Product

The inflatables from Magic Jumpers are sure to satisfy, no matter the occasion: backyard BBQs, church or school events, festivals, corporate events, and more. Adults and kids can all bounce inside and enjoy our inflatables.

And, yes, we are serious about the adults. These bouncy castles do not need to be for the kids alone. Spring into action during your next corporate event, or send your buddy over the hill with one big bounce. We love to see adults play with these jumpers too.

Many units can be used with water too! There aren’t too many better ways to stay refreshed and cool while also staying active (especially the 17’ slides!). Some units are a combo wet/dry and can be used either way to fit your party vibes.

Traditional Bouncy Castles

Timnath Sports Arena Bounce House

The traditional bouncy castle rentals are timeless. Take a stroll down memory lane to the time you eagerly kicked off your shoes and climbed through the fabric door onto pillows of inflatable fun. Bouncing around is surreal. Whether you were with friends or strangers didn’t really matter when you had your time in the castle.

If you’ve never experienced this joy for yourself, now is the time. The traditional bouncy castle transforms any space into a fantasy dream come true. Whether you want to set up the four-pillar spires and pretend to be King of the Castle or the new-age sports arena where you’ll battle for the Championship Bouncer, you can’t go wrong with these jumpers.

Each castle is 13’x13’, where as many as 5 children or adults can safely play with plenty of bouncing room.

17’ Inflatable Water Slides

These huge slides are a thriller! They are one of our most popular rentals — and for good reason. When you’re in need of a big-ticket item that is sure to wow your guests, set up one of these inflatable slides (or both, we don't judge). Folks love to throw a hose on it and turn it into a slippery slide with a splash pool at the end, but it can also be used without water to keep your guests dry.

The pool at the bottom is surfaced for safety when used with water, and the slide has a mist function that keeps it nice and slippery no matter where you choose to go down. In addition to being 17’ tall, the slides and pool are 20’ long and at least 15’ wide. This gives you and your guests plenty of room to have some fun. In fact, the Flamin' Wave Dual Slide has two slide tracks for twice as much fun.

The 100’ hose is included with the rental price if you want to turn this big mama into a water slide at your next event. It won’t let you down!

Combo Jump And Slide Units

Fort Collins Tropical Combo Bouncy House

Sometimes it’s hard to decide between the new, huge slides and the traditional bouncy castle rentals, so we have combo units that are the perfect hybrid. These units combine the bounce house with the inflatable slide, giving you the best of both worlds.

We have five different combo inflatables, some of which can also be used with water.  These have large bounce areas with a climbing wall that drops into a slide. Some units have a Velcro wall, while others have a basketball hoop inside. Though the slide isn’t 17’ tall like our other unit, there is always something fun to do to keep you busy with these combo jump and slide inflatables. Our Frozen Ice Castle unit is one of our newest this year!

Timnath Frozen Ice Castle Bounce House

Reserve Online Today

Jump back up to the top of the page to place an online reservation for the inflatable slide, bounce house, or combo unit (or why not all three?!) that you want for your event. You can quickly check your event date to see if the unit is available. Then, send us your information and our team will be in touch to confirm your event details and organize from there. Remember, our team handles all delivery, set up, and tear down of the inflatables. It's the least we can do!

We are Northern Colorado’s Most Trusted Bounce House Rental Company and are excited to help you celebrate any occasion with some inflatable fun.