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Fun Games To Play With Our Jump House Rentals

So the party is just getting fired up, guests are beginning to arrive, the food is there, and your inflatable jump house is ready to go. While you and your party guests could probably jump for hours on end (it’s pretty fun, we know), wouldn’t it be nice to have some jump-specific games that go perfectly with your bounce house? Well, that’s exactly what Magic Jumpers is going to cover in today’s blog post.

Magic Jumpers Brings The Fun With Us!

From birthday parties to special occasions of all kinds, Magic Jumpers is your solution in Fort Collins or the surrounding Northern Colorado area for a fun, safe and enjoyable addition to any party! We literally ‘pump up’ the party, and we’d be more than happy to work with you next! Check out our selection of jump house rentals by visiting here. Otherwise, continue reading on below to learn more about some of these cool games to play during your jump house experience. Let’s take a look.

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Freeze Bounce

Play some fun and upbeat birthday party music while the kids bounce around in the house. Then, when the music stops, the kids must freeze in place and try to remain standing (a tall order when you’re in a bouncy house, no doubt!). As you may have guessed, anyone who falls over is out and the play continues until the song is over and only one player remains.

Switch Place Race

First, assign a number to each party member. Then, send them into the bounce house and tell them to sit in a circle. Have the birthday kid stand in the middle and call out two numbers. The players that are assigned those two numbers must then get up and switch places, racing to be seated before the birthday child steals one of the two empty seats. Whoever is left standing then gets to call out the next two numbers, and the process repeats itself.

Bounce House Pair Races

To play this game, you’ll only need four players in the jump house at one time. Pair them into partners and then have them stand in opposite corners. On the “go!” signal, they must bounce across the structure and switch places with their partners. The first team to reach the opposite corners wins. Another four players will swap with the players inside the jumpy house and do the same. Then, when everyone has had a fair turn, the winning teams play again until only one team remains.

Balloon Attack

This one is as fun as it sounds! Have players line up on opposite sides of the bounce house and assign each side a color. Then, throw an equal amount of each color of balloons into the bounce house. The kids must then toss their balloons to the opposing side without crossing the line while also trying to keep the other color of balloons out of their side. When the time is up, simply count the colored balloons on each side. The team that has the least amount of the opposing team’s color of balloons wins.

Play Fun Party Games With Our Jumper Rentals!

You provide the games and we’ll provide what we do best: inflatable jump house rentals. Contact Magic Jumpers today for the best jumper rentals in the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado areas.

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