Bounce Into Your End Of The School Year Celebration

The end of the school year is here! It’s past the 100th Day of School, and now it’s time to have some fun planning your end-of-year celebration.

Whether you are organizing a Senior Skip Day, Kindergarten Graduation, 5th Grade Graduation, 8th Grade Graduation, or “The Big One” – High School Graduation, we recommend you give the kids something fun to remember.

Here’s the thing: The kids in this group are probably never going to all be together in the same place again. The end of year celebration should be fun and memorable because the kids deserve to send it off on a high note after working hard all year. It’ll be the celebrations they remember more than the tests, the camaraderie built through extra events that carries their friendships through the next stage of life.

There are several things to organize to really throw a party for the books: food, fun, parent supervision… just to name a few.

In a time when school districts are really strapped for cash, you need something affordable that is more than just sending the kids out for some extra recess and signing yearbooks.

The party also doesn’t need to break the bank. There are plenty of affordable party ideas that don’t take a lot of work out there for your end-of-year celebration — and we highly recommend inflatable bounce houses or slides.

Here’s why.

Bounce Houses Are Unique

Have you experienced the joy of someone who sees a bounce house? It’s typically seen through a big ol’ grin, maybe some jumping in place, and definitely a tug on the shirt asking to go play right away.

Play Is Good For The Brain And Body

Many studies show that kids who play better develop creativity and problem-solving skills. Some fresh air and greenery of the great outdoors help elevate these “feel goods” for the body that come out during play. Additionally, physical activity is healthy for the body. When kids can let go and jump with friends, they’re increasing their heartbeats and exercising — all under the disguise of play.

Inflatables Fit On Your Typical School Field Or In The Gym

The inflatable castles are about 13-feet high, which should fit in most school gyms. The giant 17-foot wave slide is another story, though. Enormous fun like that is typically best held outside on the field, especially if you plan to add a hose and turn it into a waterslide. We highly recommend that route for a splashing good time.

Either way, bounce castles and the slides can run effectively in a field. We can attach a generator for power if you’d like to set up further than an extension cord can readily reach.

You Don’t Have To Do The Work

The team at Magic Jumpers is happy to contract a supervisor for your event. We can make sure that students are pacing themselves down the slides and limiting the crowd inside the bounce house. The last place we want anyone to get hurt is at the end-of-year celebration.

Even more, our team will arrive 30 minutes before your event to set up the bounce houses. You don’t have to lift a finger. Then, when the event is over and the kids are exhausted and ready for summer, our team will take the inflatables down and haul them away. We know you have enough on your hands, so we want to make this as easy of a celebration for you as possible.

It’ll Be A Memory They Never Forget

These “moving-on” ceremonies and life events are always memorable. Looking back through these transition periods means new beginnings and new paths. So it’s important to take a moment to celebrate what an accomplishment it has been on the journey so far.

Of course we want the kids to remember their “Three ‘R’s”… you know, ‘riting, reading, and ‘rithmetic… but ultimately the moments you take as their leaders to celebrate their accomplishments, the more fond of memories they will hold of this year.

Bouncing and sliding around with their friends and peers teaches them to build positive relationships, to have fun with each other, and to never take life too seriously. Ultimately, it’s a job-well-done at the end of such a momentous year. Let them enjoy it!

Ultimately, Magic Jumpers is here to help you celebrate the kids in your life and their peers. School can be tough, but the end of the year party doesn’t have to be. We can work it out to deliver, set it up, and tear down the inflatables at your event. Whether it’s a small, private gathering to kick off summer break or a formal End of Year Bash with the whole school or grade, Magic Jumpers has the right bouncers for you.

Give us a call or browse our collection of bounce houses and inflatable slides online. You can see right away if your preferred unit is available the day you want it. It’s that easy.

Now, don’t forget to have fun this summer. You deserve it!