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Clean Bounce HouseCleaning our bounce houses, waterslides, and other equipment has always been a high priority for us here at Magic Jumpers. We care greatly about the cleanliness and safety of everyone using the inflatables!

With each and every use, our team works hard to disinfect the surfaces so that we can get rid of any infection-causing germs.

And now in the era of COVID-19, we are stepping up our game by adding in additional cleaners to make sure the bounce houses, water slides, and more are disinfected and free of harmful bacteria.

What We Always Do (And Will Continue To Do Routinely)

With each event, the Magic Jumpers team provides set up and tear down of the inflatables. Part of our tear down process is to thoroughly inspect and sanitize all of the surfaces. We do so before we pack the inflatable up and take it away.

This process means that the inflatables are cleaned and sanitized before they head back into storage before the next event.

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What’s New with our Cleaning Process?

We know that we must be more diligent with our cleaning processes now more than ever before. That’s why we continue to do everything as usual, but we’re also introducing a new product into our cleaning routine.

Clear Gear is the new product that we brought into our cleaning routine. After we go through our typical cleaning and sanitation routine, we spray Clear Gear onto the units and let it dry. Letting it dry is one of the tricks that Clear Gear needs to get rid of the harmful bacteria.

Since our bounce houses are made of non-porous surfaces, the Clear Gear cleaner activates, disinfects, and kills harmful bacteria and smelly odors on contact. We spray it on all the surfaces and let it dry.

The goal is to keep all of our bounce houses, waterslides, and other equipment safe and germ-free so that our community stays healthy while they have some fun!