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Check Out These World Record Inflatables

As a kid, one of the best parts about the school book fair is going to check out the latest Guinness Book Of World Records to see what the latest and craziest records are out there – after all, a lot of records can change and be broken in just one year. If your child is at the prime age where they really enjoy inflatable bouncers (it’s okay to enjoy our bounce house rental service as an adult, we assure you), chances are that they also appreciate crazy world records. Well, in today’s blog post, we figured that we might as well combine those two worlds into one!

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That’s right; today’s blog post to dedicated to various world records as they relate to inflatables. Now, these inflatables include more than just your standard bouncy castle, but we figured that it would be a fun topic to cover. Let’s look at some of these inflatable world records below, but don’t forget that Magic Jumpers is your go-to local solution when you search “bounce house rentals near me” on the web! Learn more here.

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Inflatable Slides

The world record for the longest inflatable slide is recorded as 601.98 meters long. This was orchestrated by Live More Awesome and located at Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey. The record was set back in 2015.

The tallest inflatable slide spanned a total height of a massive 22.4 meters – talk about a thrill ride to go down! This record was set by Xscape at the city and freestyles slides at Belmont Park in Perth, Australia back in 2016.

The tallest floating slide was set back in June 2016 in Athlone, Ireland. The floating slide measured 6.52 meters in height – not nearly as tall as the inflatable slide mentioned above, but impressive nonetheless.

The Longest Slip And Slide Ride Of Your Life

Could you imagine how much fun this would be? The longest slip and slide was manufactured in Amman, Jordan back in 2015. It had an amazing total length of 611.7 meters!

Here’s something even crazier: the longest slip and slide ride of all time within one hour. Indeed, the record of the longest distance traveled on a slip and slide in one hour is chalked up by a total amount of 1,486 rides at the Slide The City event held at Panther Island, Fort Worth, Texas. This occurred back in the summer of 2015. The total distance came out to 774,515.09 meters long – now that’s a lot of slip and slide time!

Longest Team Marathon On A Bouncy Castle

The world’s longest marathon on a bouncy castle was finished by an Australian police team of 8 people for fundraising purposes back in 2015. The total time spent jumping was a whopping 43 hours, 25 minutes and one second. Let’s just say that Magic Jumpers would be a little tired after that epic jumping ordeal!

The World’s Largest Bouncy Castle

We know that you’ve been waiting for this one, but unfortunately, this record has not yet officially been recorded. That being said, a giant inflatable castle in Southhampton, England has shown some potential as a contender for this world record.

Come Have A World Record Experience With Us!

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