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Avoid Doing These Things When Throwing a Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love a good birthday party? From your kid’s exciting 5th birthday party to your very own “over-the-hill” 40th birthday party, there’s always a reason to celebrate. Why humans celebrate birthdays is not entirely clear, but hey, living another successful year on this planet is reason enough to celebrate. Here at Magic Jumpers, our Fort Collins jumper rentals and bounce castle service, we’ve seen more than our fair share of birthdays, and over time, we’ve been able to develop some do’s and don’ts when it comes to throwing a great birthday party for your kids.

Throwing a Great Party With Our Jumper House Rental Services In Fort Collins

While our Fort Collins jump house specialists have covered tips on throwing a successful party in our previous posts, in today’s blog, we’re actually going to take a brief look at some things to avoid when planning your kid’s birthday party. To us, one thing that people should always get for a kid’s party is…you guessed it, a jump house rental! A guaranteed way to pump up the party for guests (and hey, even parents), it’s hard to go wrong by renting a jumper house. Check out our jumper house rentals or feel free to get in touch with Magic Jumpers today if you have any questions. We’re excited to work with you!

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Massive Guest Lists

While your kid might want to see their entire class at their own party, in many cases, that’s just not realistic. So, whether or not your child is a social butterfly or not, ask them to help you create a list of five, seven or up to ten of their closest friends and classmates. Now, not that this is a popularity contest of sorts, but it’s all for the sake of a good, successful party. Some 25 or 30 kids running amok would just be disastrous for many parents, realistically speaking.

Using Your Own Home

Of course, you’re always welcome to throw the party at your own home or even in your own backyard, but keep in mind that things can and do get rowdy, especially when it comes to kids. Indeed, hosting a party at home can make you feel cozy and special, but the aftermath might make you cry.

If you really want to avoid cleaning up, that’s perfectly understandable. Going to a local park on a nice day and using disposable cutlery is a valid option, or to take things a bit further, consider patronizing a business (that is, if your budget allows) like an indoor play place, a bowling alley, a laser tag center, a corn maze or farm, or even Chuck E. Cheese’s. Naturally, the ideal setting for the birthday party depends on your kid’s age and what their interests are, but eliminating the possibility of a giant mess at home is generally a good thing.

Serving a Full Meal

In terms of reducing stress planning the party, shoot for throwing the party during a time slot in between meals – usually between lunch and dinner is best. This means that you can provide some easy-to-prepare snack foods for the kids to munch on, but they won’t be so hungry that they get “hangry”, so to speak. If serving an actual meal is a must but you’re strapped for time, a local pizza shop is only a call away, and if there’s anything that kids love, it’s definitely pizza.

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