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Arched Castle – 13×13 ($195)

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Nothing beats a traditional bounce house. Resembling a castle, this 13-foot inflatable turns any into party into an adventure filled with excitement and fun. This bounce house is a traditional crowd pleaser that has filled many nights and afternoons with fun and laughs. This colorful castle has capacity for up to 5 children and is one of our top bounce house rentals.

You get 6 hours for every unit.  We do all the set up and take down for you!  Need more time?  No Problem!  You only pay 15% for each additional hour.

Quick tips for scheduling

Set up time:   It takes our team 30 mins to set up, please select 1 hour before your event starts as your start time. For example, if your party starts at 11:00 am, schedule 10:00 am as your start time.

Pick up time:   When you are ready to take down your inflatable, list that as your end time. It takes our team 30 - 45 mins to pack up.

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Arched Castle – 13×13    ($195)

Arched Castle – 13×13 ($195)

Date: Check Availability

Price: $195.00 (6 hours)
Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 13'x13'x14'
Space Needed:


  • 1 Attendant ($240 for 6 hrs)1 Attendant ($240 for 6 hrs)

    Need some extra help?  Add a personal attendant for only $40 per hour.

  • Optional Firman Generator ($45 -6 hours)Optional Firman Generator ($45 -6 hours)

    No Power? No problem! Just add on one of our generators.